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We are mature and dynamic solution oriented IT full service product development and customized consulting services company. Since 2007 we're dedicated team of techno-whiz engaged in providing outstanding solutions to diverse group of business entities across North America. Known as Professional Technologists, we help our customers enable latest technology stack or deliver quality cost effective products and applications.

Social networks ebb and flow in terms of popularity and usage, which can make it difficult for a brand to take advantage of the next big thing. Thankfully there are certain veteran platforms which, because they provide such a strong core value to their users, can be relied upon to build a branded presence that will continue to deliver results.

Social media has opened a whole new way of how a business can interact with its customers. A Tweet or post on a page can garner a response from a customer service representative in minutes… a very far cry from the days of calling customer service numbers to wait on hold or mailing information and waiting weeks for a reply. The flip side of the coin is that current methods of engaging fans are only a small portion of the work behind a published piece of content. Creating a post that resonates with the audience to the point where they cannot help but share or discuss with friends, family, or co-workers is what all businesses strive for… as that’s what keeps them in business.