Power Bi Report View Updates.

Power Bi adding adding more types of slicers to reports. The drop down slicer. This Slicer is use full for when we have a lots of data to locate.

Get Data From Mongo and Store it again to Mongo DB.

Spark’s dataframe after which we will again store it back to the mongodb collection.

Read Data From Kafka Stream and Store it in to MongoDB.

we will produce some Data in Json format which we will store to mongoDb.

Load different data source in Spark 2.0.2

The following creates a DataFrame based on the content of a CSV file.

Spark 2.0.1 Core Functionality

It demonstrates the basic functionality of Spark 2.0.1. We also describe SparkSession, Spark SQL and DataFrame API functionality.

ElasticSearch Character Filter

In this post, I am going to explain, how ‘Elasticsearch Character Filter’ work. So there are following steps to done this

Big Data Tutorial

Apache Spark is a powerful open source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics.

Hadoop on Multi Node Cluster

Java is the primary requirement to running hadoop on system, so make sure you have Java installed on your system

Elasticsearch Graph capabilities

Download csv from the following link and ingest into elasticsearch either using curl or you can follow my last blog to insert spreadsheet data into elasticsearch directly.

Apache Spark 1.6 GraphX with Scala

Already have Lightbend Activator (get it here)? Launch the UI then search for graphx-scala in the list of templates.

Spark Tutorial provides a quick introduction to using Spark

This tutorial provides a quick introduction to using Spark. It demonstrates the basic functionality of RDD and DataFrame API

Play with RethinkDB, WebJars and Bootstrap

This activator project describes a classic CRUD application with Play 2.4.x, Scala and RethinkDB

Akka scheduler for Scala & Java

Already have Lightbend Activator (get it here)? Launch the UI then search for akka-scheduler in the list of templates.

DataFrame API Functionalities using Spark 1.6

SparkSQL and DataFrames Operations API Example Using Different types of Functionalities.

Spark SQL and DataFrames Operations using Spark 1.6

Spark SQL is a component on top of Spark Core that introduces a new data abstraction called SchemaRDD

Quick overview of Spark 1.6 Core Functionality

The Scala interface for Spark SQL supports automatically converting an RDD containing case classes to a DataFrame.

Data ingestion from Google spreadsheet to Elasticsearch

In this blog we are elaborate how to ingest data from Google spreadsheet to Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Basic

Configures the Elasticsearch server settings. This is where all options, are stored.

Kafka & ZooKeeper | Multi Node Cluster Setup

A high-throughput distributed messaging system is designed to allow a single cluster to serve as the central data.


Modern functional applications architecture requires slew of silo pieces working collectively in harmony based on “PnP (Plug n Play)” architecture.

Dribbling with Spark 1.6 GraphX Components

GraphX provide distributed in-memory computing. The GraphX API enables users to view data both as graphs and as collections.

Play 2.4.x & RethinkDB

We have created Classic CRUD application using Play 2.4.x , Scala and RethinkDB.

Deep Dive with Spark Streaming – Spark Meetup

Provide a simple batch like API for implementing complex algorithms.