SENSE.LY { Data Engine }

We created ground up fast data engine for streaming and batch oriented data computation with in-built AI to support contextual enrichments, NLP and machine learning. We believe one size does not fit all and hence developed cloud based plug-customized-play (PCP) data stack utilizing open source cost effective solutions.


Our scalable micro services based architecture offers easy and loosely coupled integration with any modern applications. APIs can be extended and customized to support security, data ingestion, computation, search and real-time communication across tiers. Fully supports white label and UI based administration.

POP.IN { Video Widgets }

Experience our video and HTML5 widgets with fluid, responsive and superior UX. These widgets are fully customized and API driven to support modern web and mobile. Easily embed into your applications to provide users data driven, pub-sub, voice and touchable experience.

Recent Works

R3: Platform

R3 provides ready to consume functional solution for data ingestion, computation...

ORA Venues

This website is a platform to all common users who wish to seek assistance in finding a good place...

Open Source Contributions

Power Bi Report View Updates.

Power Bi adding adding more types of slicers to reports. The drop down slicer....

Get Data From Mongo and Store it again to Mongo DB.

Spark’s dataframe after which we will again store it back to the mongodb collection....

Read Data From Kafka Stream and Store it in to MongoDB.

we will produce some Data in Json format which we will store to mongoDb....





Your return on investment is our number-one priority in every strategy. We get the results you deserve by recommending channels that allow us to track the results of every campaign, whether it’s through lead generation, online conversions, or ecommerce sales.

  • Website usability suggestions and increased calls-to-action.
  • Website content recommendations to improve SEO.
  • Google Analytics customization and conversion tracking.
  • Editorial content planning for SEO and social.
  • Social media marketing and paid content amplification.
  • Google AdWords and Bing Advertising (PPC).
  • Media buying with a direct response marketing focus.

How We Can Help You ?

We provide proven solutions for newer generation scientific applications:

  • Rapid product and application development
  • Reactive applications architecture design and strategies (web, mobile and IOT).
  • Turnkey project based development (public or private cloud).
  • Technical research and POCs on bleeding edge requirements.
  • In premises and off-premises application support.
  • Focused hands-on training sessions in big-data, reactive and machine learning.


Mobile marketing lets businesses get in front of customers on the devices they use the most: their smartphones and tablets. Using text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS), push notifications, geolocation and other mobile technologies, mobile marketing lets businesses send coupons, special discounts, announcements and other promotions to highly targeted customers. By reaching out to customers on devices that they take everywhere they go. We at Rklick digital specialize in providing below Mobile Solutions.


Providing best in market Voice and IVR facilities with innovative campaigns to boost the promotions and generate leads.


Rklick digital provides 360 degree missed call service for customer engagement solution with which brands can deliver information in real-time.


Leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS and Two Way SMS campaigns services . Providing promotional and transactional SMS to clients at best rates.


Fusing email campaigns with marketing automation means your leads, contacts and clients are delivered only the most topical info, at the most appropriate times.